Action Plan

The Neurological Alliance has adopted this action plan for 2013–14

Access to Appropriate Medical Services

New Zealanders living with neurological conditions need ready, affordable access to neurologists and neurosurgeons, other health professionals, and the best medications

Support for Neurological Research

Noting that the brain and central nervous system are the new frontier of challenges in medical research, and that the burden of neurological diseases is substantial and frequently difficult to manage, we support and encourage additional investment in research into the cause, cure or prevention of neurological conditions, and research that assists in improved care and quality of life for those affected by neurological diseases

Medicines Strategy

We support the national Medicines Strategy and seek prompt and full implementation of the associated action plan, to ensure timely access to new medicines for neurological conditions, and to ensure equity and fairness are included in decisions to balance health economic and budget management factors

Improved Disability Supports and Delivery Mechanisms

Support service delivery needs to be improved through:

  • Simple flexible systems
  • Transparent processes
  • Operational accountability
  • Consistency of services nationwide
  • Appropriate training of all workers

Carers Strategy

We support the development and implementation of the Carers Strategy for New Zealand and the renewal of the Carers five-year action plan

Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

We encourage government to ensure legislation and policies are consistent with the Convention's articles. We encourage government to sign the optional protocol to the Convention.

Addressing Inequalities in Support for Disabled People

We draw government’s attention to the inequality in supports provided for disability caused by disease and for disabilities arising out of injury by accident. This distinction causes significant hardship to many people with disease-driven disability. We seek progressive steps towards reducing these inequalities.

NZ Disability Strategy

We support a full review of the NZ Disability Strategy to be undertaken in consultation with all people directly affected by disability